Sadly, the “Mommy Wars” Are Back……..

5 09 2008

Moms around the country are putting up their dukes about Palin’s decision to run for VP, given her current status as a mother.

Mommy Wars

Mommy Wars

In one corner……..

Many mothers know the tremendous amount of love, time, energy and sacrifice (willingly given) that goes into raising children when one is devoted to their health and happiness. They question Sarah Palin’s decision to run for Vice President NOW.

Why not wait until her 4-month-old who was born with Down Syndrome is older?

Why not be more available to him during these critical developmental years?

Sarah Palin is 42, so they believe she has plenty of time to run for National office. But, she will not have another chance for these early years with him. Because Palin’s 17-year old, un-wed pregnant daughter will also need a great deal of love and support as she tries to raise a newborn, these moms believe Palin should also be available to her.

The issue with these moms is not “working mothers”—MOST mothers work—whether they want to or have to. It is the nature of her job: running the most powerful country in the world. These mothers criticize Palin’s “priorities” and say that she is selfish, putting her personal need for power and success above the needs of her children—two of whom are in special situations right now.

In the other corner……

And in this corner....

Many mothers are thrilled to have a candidate who is a working mother they can relate to. They’re attitude is “you go girl!” They believe that Palin’s husband should be–and can be–an equal partner in the care giving of the children.

In this day and age, they believe he can even be…. READ MOREthe primary caregiver. To them, the mommy’s who question Palin’s priorities are taking women backwards, asking the public to view Palin as if we are in the 1950s when a woman’s role was solely to remain in the home and raise the children.

They view Palin as a mother who “has it ALL” and are inspired by that. She was asked to run for the Vice Presidency of America NOW, they support her running NOW—and her family situation only makes them like her more.

My question is this…..

Does her family situation matter?

Does it give us a window into character, priorities, ability to lead?

Should it be considered by moms when they cast their vote?

My opinion on this changes daily.

What I DON’T hear moms talking about is whether Palin’s beliefs, values, and goals for this country fit with their own. And this makes me sad.

Will moms take the time to find out Palin’s views on the economy, health care, reproductive rights, what should/should not be taught in schools, energy, oil drilling, endangered species, climate control/global warming, guns, foreign policy (Iraq, Afghanistan, China, Iran), etc.

Shouldn’t moms be asking themselves—“What would MY life be like if Palin were elected?” “How would it affect MY FAMILY?”

Moms are so busy fighting each other…….I’m concerned these mothers will not have enough time to educate themselves on ALL the issues before they vote. Whichever way they vote.

Read Sarah Palin’s Speech Here




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