Casey Anthony Charged With Murder

15 10 2008

Things got pretty heated on Tuesday when I appeared on CNN Headline News with an attorney,ilaw enforcement analysts, and a field producer as news broke that Casey Anthony (Florida mom of 3-year-old Caylee Anthony who has been missing since June 15th) had been indicted for murder by a grand jury.
I was asked about her state of mind after finding out she had been indicted, but also her state of mind over the past few months -Caylee. A spokesman for Casey Anthony’s attorney was concerned about some things that were said in the segment. He commented on the host, the law enforcement analysts and myself. He even referred to me by name.

I actually think he was complimenting me and the host, Mike Galanos (who is really good), but because emotions were running so high, it was hard to be sure we had been talking about the case on and off for two hours as breaking news on the murder indictment trickled in.

It got me wondering…what is it about THIS case? I’ve discussed it on Nancy Grace (who is also really good) three, maybe four different times. Nancy has been covering the case very thoroughly for months. And viewers tune in. It seems there’s something new everyday.

But again I wonder,why this case? Tragically, little girls disappear across the country everyday.

Here are a few thoughts, though I’m sure there are plenty of other reasons as well. This is of course based only on what we know from the media-there may be much more we are unaware of.

First, Mom Casey’s reaction appears completely opposite of how most parents would feel. She didn’t tell anyone (including the police) that her daughter was missing for a month. She didn’t seem upset that her daughter was gone she wasn’t emotional, she went out with friends, and her boyfriend (whom she was staying with) had no idea anything had happened to little Caylee. (READ MORE)

Next, Mom Casey lies. According to the tapes that were released to the media, Casey is heard lying again and again to the investigators that can help her find her child.

She gave the name of the babysitter she left her daughter with, but the woman doesn?t exist. She showed them the apartment where she dropped Caylee off, but nobody had lived there for months. She took the police to her job at Universal Studios,through security, up to the offices, but then stated that she hadn’t worked there for years.

From what we’ve seen, almost everything she told police appears to be untrue.

Thirdly, She’s young and pretty the public expects people suspected of doing bad things to look a certain way. To be male. To be scary. To act like a bad person. She is a pretty, charming, female.

She is like many other young women in their 20’s she text messages all day, hangs out with friends, goes clubbing, and has been in and out of several relationships. This likely fascinates and terrifies the public. She literally is the girl next door.

Also, her parents made this a media circus. Although unintended, Casey’s parents Cindy and George Anthony have appeared on multiple National television shows for weeks at a time. They were hoping to bring national attention to their missing granddaughter. Unfortunately, once you invite the media in, it’s hard to get them to leave if there’s still a story and while tragic it is a juicy one.

Finally, today’s age of reality TV and CSI in a surreal way, the Casey Anthony story is a mix of both types of Television genres , yet,in real life. Everyday there is something new. A new lie, new evidence, she stole checks, the car smells like death, evidence of chlorophorm, hair in the trunk, cadaver dogs hit on the trunk, pictures emerge of Casey dancing when her daughter was presumably missing.

The public collects clues, puts things together, devises their own theories in hopes of solving the mystery of little Caylee. CSI catches the bad guys, why can’t anyone even get Casey Anthony to tell the truth?

Emotions run high. Protesters chant outside the Anthony house. Casey is in jail. Then she’s bailed out. Then they revoke her bail and she’s back in jail. Then someone else bails her out. Casey still remains silent.

We watch the story as a TV movie, wondering what will happen next. Is she guilty? Is she not? What does she know? Is Caylee alive?

It’s easy to forget that this is a family. There is a precious little girl missing. And we are no closer to the truth than we ever were..





2 responses

20 10 2008

You should have your own show Dr. Lisa.

20 10 2008

Thank you for saying so Robert! I would LOVE to have my own television show!!!

Keep in touch.


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