Keynotes & Trainings

Dr. Lisa is a heavily sought after speaker for conferences and events across the country. If you are looking for a fast-paced, thought-provoking and skill-building Keynote Address, Conference Workshop, or Full-Day Training, your audience will laugh and learn with Dr. Lisa!

Keynote Speaker

Participants consistently report gaining essential information and important new skills–while having fun along the way!

Audience members feel empowered once given real-world direction and new skills to use.

Dr. Lisa’s keynotes and workshops are designed for professionals with little, to no, formal psychological training. They are lecture-oriented and enhanced with slides, videotapes, real-life case examples, and audience participation. Dr. Lisa’s goal is to make complex, clinical information practical and “user-friendly.”

I recommend highly and insist that all staff throughout my agency receive this educational training. Dr. Lisa’s training should be mandatory…not a choice.

Gloria Trapp, Camp Tillamook

I was so impressed with how well my staff listened to you—even those who aren’t usually receptive. I had many, many, many staff who spoke to me about your presentation and how they want you to come back and do another workshop. I thought you were dynamic—it’s great to hear someone of passion!
Michele Foley, Training Branch Manager, Frankfurt, Kentucky

For Dr. Lisa’s most requested Keynote & Workshop topics, please email:

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