Casey Anthony Charged With Murder

15 10 2008

Things got pretty heated on Tuesday when I appeared on CNN Headline News with an attorney,ilaw enforcement analysts, and a field producer as news broke that Casey Anthony (Florida mom of 3-year-old Caylee Anthony who has been missing since June 15th) had been indicted for murder by a grand jury.
I was asked about her state of mind after finding out she had been indicted, but also her state of mind over the past few months -Caylee. A spokesman for Casey Anthony’s attorney was concerned about some things that were said in the segment. He commented on the host, the law enforcement analysts and myself. He even referred to me by name.

I actually think he was complimenting me and the host, Mike Galanos (who is really good), but because emotions were running so high, it was hard to be sure we had been talking about the case on and off for two hours as breaking news on the murder indictment trickled in.

It got me wondering…what is it about THIS case? I’ve discussed it on Nancy Grace (who is also really good) three, maybe four different times. Nancy has been covering the case very thoroughly for months. And viewers tune in. It seems there’s something new everyday. Read the rest of this entry »