Dr. Lisa Boesky in OK! Magazine

6 08 2008

Dr. Lisa was interviewed for a feature article in this week’s OK! Magazine.

Dr. Lisa was asked to provide information about “emotional eating” and the magazine designed a quiz for readers to take to distinguish whether they

August Edition of Ok! Magazine

August Edition of Ok! Magazine

1) show clear signs of being an emotional eater

2) generally have their diet in check or

3) have found healthy ways to cope with emotions

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Do you overeat when you are stressed

Do you feel guilty or ashamed after eating too much?

Do you reach for high-sugar, high-calorie foods to calm           down—and it works?

Are you able to eat normally with others, but lose control of your eating when alone?

Does your weight fluctuate based on what is happening at your job or in your relationship?

Eating high-sugar, high-carb foods can actually increase the brain’s Serotonin (a “feel-good” neurotransmitter). Emotional eating isn’t about food, so a diet isn’t going to help. Emotional eaters need to find new and healthier ways of “coping” with strong feelings and stress–so the impulse to eat no longer feels overwhelming.